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Nucleic acid extraction kit instructions and manufacturers

Magnetic silica nanospheres (magnetic beads for short) are specially designed for nucleic acid purification and are connected in series. The microspheres have a core-shell structure, that is, a superparamagnetic core and an inorganic silica shell, with a large number of silanol groups on the surface. The cresol group (hydroxyl group) can interact with the nucleic acid in the solution through hydrophobic interaction, hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interaction in the presence of a liquid state (such as butadiene hydrochloride, butanediol isothiocyanate, etc.) Binding (Melzak et al., 1996), without binding to proteins and other impurities, so nucleic acids can be quickly separated from biological samples, without centrifugation and the use of organic solvents, safe and simple operation, which is very conducive to the automation and high-pass of nucleic acids The amount of extraction. If you need it, please contact a professional manufacturer of nucleic acid extraction kit.

This product is a small special magnetic separation tool designed for biological experiments. It is suitable for antibody purification, immunoprecipitation, co-immunoprecipitation, cell sorting, nucleic acid separation and other operations. This series of products adopts humanized structural design and appearance design, considers every operation detail for users, and provides a perfect operation experience and visual enjoyment. The optimized magnetic field distribution makes the operation faster and more efficient.

1、Extract genomic DNA from samples such as whole blood, tissues, 2、plants and microorganisms
3、Extract viral DNA/RNA
4、Extract total RNA
5、Purify PCR products
6、Extract plasmid DNA

Application effect:
Nucleic acid binding capacity: 4-12μg of genomic DNA can be extracted from 200μl of whole blood per mg of magnetic beads (in the whole blood DNA kit Proteinase K method reagent test result, the result will vary with the whole blood sample and the reagent system used )
Recommended dosage: 1-2mg/time

Storage and stability
Magnetic beads can be stored stably. Operations such as freezing, drying and centrifugation will cause the magnetic beads to agglomerate, are not easy to resuspend and disperse, and affect the binding ability of the functional groups on the surface of the magnetic beads with nucleic acids. Before using this product, be sure to vortex sufficiently to keep the magnetic beads evenly suspended.

product features

1 It can be frozen and refrigerated to -80 degrees.
2 Can withstand the maximum centrifugal force of 3000-4000g without damage or deformation
3 Can be autoclaved, 121℃, 20psi, 20 minutes without deformation. Heat evenly
4 Less residual liquid, less wall hanging phenomenon; low heavy metal content
5 Using imported plastic high-purity durable polypropylene (PP) raw materials, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, such as DMSO, phenols, chloroform; inert to water
6 After third-party inspection, no RNA/DNA enzyme contamination
7 It can be used on automated machines, and the product size conforms to the SBS standard
8 Adhesive, silica gel, and sealing can be used, and there is no leakage. Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit 96 round-hole silica gel and 8-hole silica gel strip with matching sealing plate
9 Good flatness, can be transported for a long distance after being sealed with heat-sealing film
10 All products are produced and packaged in a class 100,000 dust-free workshop, with stable product quality
11 Alphabetical sorting and corner-cutting marks make the storage and collection of samples more convenient and faster.
12 Each package has an independent article number and batch number identification, which is convenient for quality tracking and traceability

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